Here’s some pictures.. It’s our first video single this year! We were in the brilliant hands of Matt Beecroft on camera who edited, filmed and directed. Twas great fun writing and plotting the story together. It’s all filmed in our local area in Sussex. Please have a watch and tell us what you think x

After months tuning into frequencies & diving deeper into recording studio soundscapes, we moved to a different creative sense – designing the art work to give this music a visual home!
It’s amazing to see what happens to the subconscious when it starts searching for pictures to fit the music.
I started seeing compasses everywhere from compass coffee, compass bus company, compass clothing..(and feeling slightly mad)! I found a beautiful old army compass in India years ago that reappeared in my home & the idea of navigation became a theme for ‘perfectly cast’. The song is about the idea that we are guided along the way in life, even if it’s hard to see it sometimes, and if we pay attention the signs are all around us. The inner compass. The directions. The universal flow of north/south/east/west, sunrise/sunset, sun/moon, light/shadow, high tide/low tide etc. The anchors in life that give us comfort & perspective when everything else changes.

The belief that the landing of thrown dice is ‘perfectly cast’ even in it’s apparent randomness.

The video follows that theme and story and tracks the flow of an old nautical compass being found, lost, rediscovered, gifted, traded and in the end returned to the original finder.

We chose local friends for the casting who were all amazing in it and it was a real pleasure to work with everyone involved. Hope you enjoy it x

Big Thanks to:
Matt Beecroft Ken Kusch
Mark Jenner Michael at The Hearth Bakery, Lewes
Rowan Sterk Rachael Linton
Pete Owen Jones Samira & Siva

The making of Perfectly Cast Video in Sussex..

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