Album cover 2014
Album cover 2014
I’m very very happy to announce that my new album Home to the Invisible is complete!


A deep sigh as the most amazing euphoria appears, howl howl, cartwheel cartwheel (run out onto the street hugging random strangers etc is the feeling in me)!

There have been a few promotional copies printed that the PR company needed to prepare for the release which will be end of March and my band and I are about to go on a little pre-release tour of a few UK dates to celebrate the completion and start gigging the songs as they are now. The first gig being Ronnie Scotts, London 4th February! The official release will be end of March

Thank you once again to all the beautiful folk who donated to the fundraising campaign for this album on indiegogo all that time ago. However far away in the world you are and even though it has taken a lot of time to complete this, you were in my thoughts and gratitude throughout the project and I still feel very humbled that you believed in this music. You really helped this to happen. Completing this album and all of the journey to do it is the sort of thing I think I will be grinning about on my death bed one day!

Sooo, next thing to do is to let it go into the world and hope it touches many hearts and reaches all the places that it wants to go. I know that this music has a unique flavour and offers a specific medicine (as all music does) and that some will feel it and some won’t, but I trust it will go where it needs and my job was to make it with as much love as I could and then…..let it go.

Please keep a look out for the release in March and check out our gig dates if you’d like to come and listen to us play.

Carrie xxx

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