Things are speeding up amazingly fast now the sun has returned to these lands.
After months of tinkering with fundraising quests, studio life, graphic design, mastering etc a hard copy of my new EP ‘Perfectly Cast’ will be waiting for me to hold in my hands as we get home from this amazing Holland tour this weekend! It will be ready for you on 20th May – the official release date!!
Then it’s straight to the BBC RADIO 2 show to be interviewed and play a special live acoustic version of my collaboration with Andy Barlow (from Lamb) called ‘Inward Outburst’ between 3-6pm with Dermot O’Leary. This is the first single from the LOWB album which is Andy’s newest project. We’ll also be playing a cover version of one of my favourite Portishead tracks!
Here’s the link to the official LOWB video and a lovely review:
The photo is Andy and I in Sussex countryside in cold cold March making the video.Carrie & Andy in cold March making 'inward outburst' video

As the sun returns..

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