As the sun returns..

Things are speeding up amazingly fast now the sun has returned to these lands.
After months of tinkering with fundraising quests, studio life, graphic design, mastering etc a hard copy of my new EP ‘Perfectly Cast’ will be waiting for me to hold in my hands as we get home from this amazing Holland tour this weekend!

Red Earth Bridge

I had one of the most amazing day’s of my musical life yesterday at the headroom studio, Durban, South Africa. I was honoured by such incredible singers recording on 2 of my tracks for the next ep i’ll be releasing in July. I spent the day with Albert Mazibuko – an original member of Ladysmith Black Mambazo as he weaved soulful vocals with the warmest of hearts on my songs…

Landscape to soundscape

Landscape to soundscape

I came back yesterday from making a music video with Andy Barlow (Lamb) for our new single ‘Inward Outburst’ coming out in May. There’s always the chance it will be quite uncomfortable standing in front of a camera (eek!!) but we were lucky to be working with wonderful people so it was fun and a joy to all spend time together and weave landscape to our soundscape.