The album song ’Human Kindness’ is inspired by homelessness and the refugee crisis, with Carrie stating: “I was aware of the desperation and need for volunteers and felt compelled to try and help, so I spent some time at a refugee camp in Calais and wrote it after talking to a man who had fled his war-torn country with just the clothes he was wearing.

In a wider sense, the song is also about the fundamental human need for ‘home’ and the link between a sense of belonging and kindness, but this is a raw and painful struggle for so many. In Calais I met people who had seen their homes and lands destroyed and had become separated from their families. It is history repeating itself once again.
The terms ‘asylum seeker’ and ‘migrant’ are used so often, but I can feel distant when hearing them. When I saw what these people needed, it felt much more real to me than these labels. Every person has a name, a beating heart, dreams and loves. It connected me to the universal needs of every human being.”

‘The Canoe’ is the third album by Brighton based singer-songwriter Carrie Tree. Produced and arranged by Markus Sieber, known for his ambient acoustic recordings as Aukai, The Canoe represents a significant step forward for Carrie. As with her previous albums, the listener is drawn into her world of mystical storytelling and sublime melody but whilst Carrie’s songs have often been concerned with the environment, the current album also deals with a wider range of issues.