Landscape to soundscape

I came back yesterday from making a music video with Andy Barlow (Lamb) for our new single ‘Inward Outburst’ coming out in May. There’s always the chance it will be quite uncomfortable standing in front of a camera (eek!!) but we were lucky to be working with wonderful people so it was fun and  a joy to all spend time together and weave landscape to our soundscape.

I got these lyrics in my mind this morning as I put music on shuffle and a song for my new album comes on..


“I must have lived a thousand days like this before,

As side to side, I’m haunted as my choices see saw.

All consumed,

I am being eaten whole.

By a hungry mind,

that’s forever tugging at my soul.


All you wild horses gather round,

My spirits free never bound!

And i’ve come way too far to turn back now.”


Feels right today. Amazing how songs do that. Sometimes, at the time of writing them they just fall out and I don’t have a clear idea of what they mean.. then months or sometimes years later they make perfect sense to me, as though they are telling me exactly what I need to know for this time.

I’m very grateful to these little song spirits.

I can’t wait to get them out there so anyone that wants can hear them..

Carrie xx

Landscape to soundscape

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