‘..a remarkable album.…quality writing. Recommended’

‘poetic visions unfolding on musical beds that unfurl slowly, softly.
almost needs a classical level of listening’

‘..a gift to be savoured like a summer breeze’

‘Allow it wash over you and get caught up in the magic’

For Folks Sake

‘makes for a captivating listen’

‘Given decent exposure (Human Kindness) could easily become an anthem for a campaign on human rights’


‘As a whole the album is a reminder for us to reconnect with ourselves, the human race and nature.’

‘Although it’s easy to place her music directly in the folk camp, her nomadic heart, absorbing lyrical imagery and deftly arrangements allow her to cross genres as easily as a canoe rides the waves.’


‘an album that’s a pleasure to listen to’

‘The minimal approach to scoring the record is reminiscent at times of later-period Talk Talk, particularly on ‘Deep as We Dare,’ a beautifully autumnal song. It’s effective, and never once does it get syrupy over the album. In fact, it’s a mark of strength that not only do individual songs start to stand out over repeated listens, but that what the best track is changes.’

‘There’s a beauty within this album that bewitches and entices. The songs are beautifully scored, and actually command your attention. Rather than just being about the singer and her songs, they are delivered and presented in a way that suggests magic is at work here.’

‘There’s no doubt that most singer-songwriters write from the heart, Carrie Tree has the ability to deliver upon the promise within.’

17 Seconds

‘Gentle graces. soft and tender’

‘Underneath the placid exterior are musical depths one doesn’t always associate with folk music.. Allow the music to wash over you and you’ll be swept away by the essential beauty’

The music Carrie Tree creates on The Canoe is . Allow it wash over you and get caught up in the magic created by wind and wood, performed by an artist who knows her craft and isn’t afraid to reach for new timbres.

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