New album time! A complete YES

I woke up today with such an excitement in my body and heart to record my next album. It’s been growing in me like a seed for a while, sometimes daunting with all the how’s and when’s and who’s… but the calling is there. Been looking at all the songs I have and when I strip back all the inner critic voices and fears of judgement etc etc (!), they want to be fed.
I’ve been on some sort of self quest this year and stopped performing, as I felt the urgency to listen to what I was really wanting to do in this precious life. I had got to a place of doubt and stagnancy with performing and needed to stop until I found a complete YES! I’ve spent the last months really searching, questioning, inquiring, opening up to the possibility that It’s not my calling anymore.
But someone asked me yesterday what I would do If I had 1 more year to live. My answer felt so clear and fell out of me – that I would record another album. The thought of going back into a studio space, tuning into each song as a spirit, listening, refining, colouring in, stripping back, honouring the space as much as the notes.. It’s one of the most delicious things to me. and it’s FUN and deep food for the soul! Then the feeling of completion, letting go and releasing the songs for people to take and feel and journey with as they choose. That feels amazing.
I just wanted to say this ‘out loud’. To voice it. To say how touched I feel to have been gifted music in this life. To have this incredible medicine available to me. When I feel lost, or doubtful or touched or overflowing or grateful I pick up the guitar and music is there waiting for me.
It’s a relationship that needs feeding though. Sometimes the thread is so quiet and almost unreachable. It comes in waves and the fear and pain when I can’t feel it is strong. But it teaches me to align myself, to listen deeper, and let go. In that way it’s like a spiritual teacher to me.
So here goes. Another album. A tour. A crowd fundraising? The need for positive action. A creative way to gather the funds and the people together to take vision into action! Aho! xx

New album time! A complete YES

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  • January 4, 2018 at 11:19 am

    Hearing music is wonderful enjoyment. Hearing music is one my hobby also. It gives peace for my mind. Thank you for sharing your beautiful blog with us.


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