Carly Simon calls Carrie Tree ‘a phenomenal singer-songwriter’. She has already worked with several big names and is a stalwart of UK alternative festivals. Her influences range widely from Oumou Sangare to Joni Mitchell and though she takes a confident less is more approach to both vocals and arrangement, her varied sources are always subtly audible.
Personally she reminds me of Martha Tilston (another performer she has worked with, similarly ingenious) and Imogen Heap, not simply through the breathy vocal touches but in the sense that, even as she moves from sparse and delicate delivery (‘Never Said Goodbye’) to complex sound-scape (‘Mama Kita’), she herself remains attractively the focus of attention.
It will be interesting to see how she develops – there is something quietly unforgettable here.
Nick Burbridge – Three out of Five Stars

R2 Magazine