Buried hazy and deep in the soft cotton sheet of mid summer.
I love this time of year… So beautiful seeing friends sun-kissed, bare footed, wild eyed.

I’ve been really enjoying gigging which feels precious. Finding a new freedom within the songs I am singing and relaxing more on stage. Remembering to get out the way of the music and let it do it’s thing. (Easier said than done and a constant practise).

My band and I had an amazing time in Latvia where we spent a week. The people were so generous and friendly and the golden sun beamed down on us!
We played a couple of songs and were interviewed live on Radio Riga, played a gig in the city at a sweetly-lit outside wine bar and then went off for a few days to get very healthy at the Kundalini yoga festival. We played a couple of concerts and sang the solstice moon up. We stayed up all night round the fire (as is the tradition) and it was really special for us to see how much solstice is still a huge part of the culture. The woman wear wreath’s of 7 flowers and the men wear oak wreaths and they dance a beautiful weaving dance across the field, make fire and sing timeless sounding songs. The whole country celebrates it as a national holiday as big as Christmas over in UK! I went there with James Stathatos playing double bass, Rowan Sterk on percussion. Thanks to all the lovely folk we met making it a beautiful tour.. x

Solstice in Latvia!

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