I have made some special discounted offers of my album’s and ep’s, put together in beautiful gift wrapped packages that you can order as gifts for friends or family this Solstice/Christmas.  I am happy to sign them with personal messages. Please visit the shop on this website for more details. Warm bright winter wishes to you,  Carrie x

 HOME TO THE KITCHEN TABLE – Carrie’s 2 albums… FOR £16! (Usually £10 each) – The Kitchen Table and Home to the Invisible.This is a special seasonal offer of both Carrie’s albums at a discounted price.

THE TWIN EP’SCarrie’s 2 EP’S… FOR £8! (Usually £5 each)

Perfectly Cast EP and Mama EP, released as a pair before the new album Home to the Invisible. This is a special seasonal offer of both Carrie’s ep’s at a discounted price.

The Twin EP



Unique Christmas presents for family or friends – CARRIE TREE CD GIFT PACKAGES

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